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away from our allies, president obama has heightened the prospect of conflict and instability. bill: the governor's running-mate echoing those sentiment. paul ryan telling chris wallace the handling of the attack in libya reflects only one part of a larger problem. >> the response was slow. it's inconsistent. the obama foreign policy is unraveling before our eyes on our tv screens. bill: governor romney will give a major foreign policy speech soon after the first debate ends. the first debate ends wednesday night, as you know. martha: marshalackburn has also criticized the white house response. she'll join us on what she thinks should happen next. we are getting reports of another homicide bombing killing 14 people, two of them americans. the bomber drove into a nato patrol. doug mcelway joins us live. it was a couple weeks ago the u.s. suspended patrols with afghan soldiers because of these insider attacks. have these joint patrols resumed now? >> reporter: they have. they resumed last thursday and the insider attacks have also resumed. not only the attack you just mentioned but al
's not a good rejoineder. i'm no debate pro, but you know. >> that's the place where barack obama, bill clinton, you ask them a question like that, they'll go deep into the math on you. they will rattle off numbers and until you start to pass out. >> you want to stab yourself in the neck. >> they will numb you with numbers and, you know, most of them true, most of them right, all of them framed to their benefit, but they've got the command of the specifics to back up what they're saying. >> i think paul ryan has the command. he just knows that it will probably increase taxes for people earning between $100,000 and $200,000 a year. >> the answer is like with releasie ining romney's tax ret the answer is one they don't want to give. they bet the farm on not giving the answer. the plan was not to have a plan, was to run against barack obama's plan, and just keep pointing the finger at him and not have any specifics to offer of your own so you could never be attacked. >> like a bad jewel heist movie when everybody gathers in the corner in the back of the van and the plan is to have no plan. and the
the race is moving in obama's direction. bill: i want to take you both back to an event in 2008 that a lot of folks have forgotten about. i believe this is january during the primarily battle between hillary clinton and boik. do you remember this exchange? >> when i was working on those streets watching those folks' jobs shift overseas you were a corporate lawyer work on walmart. >> i'm just reacting to the fact, yes, they did have ideas and they were bad yds ideas. bad for america and i was fighting against those ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor in his slum landlord business in chicago. bill: if you get an he change like that wednesday night, what's the likely impact on these uncommitted or spu -- thee voters. >> both of these guys have been through an awful lot of debates in their careers. they will be well prepared. the one thing that has to be cause for optimism for republicans. usually an incumbent president comes out rusty. we saw that in 1984, reagan's first debate was a disaster. george w. bush's debate was a disaster. i don't think it will be a
even democrats will say that bill clinton explained barack obama better than barack obama. i mean, barack obama's speech w was -- i thought he delivered it very well but bill clinton was a country lawyer and he -- >> it could explain. >> he went item by item and blew up romney's arguments and built up barack obama's arguments. >> bill clinton heads to new hampshire next week to campaign for the president because he is that useful. what do you think, mr. speaker of mr. mitt romney's chances as things stand right now? how do you feel about it? >> i think he has to have a very strong debate. i think they're whistling past the grave yard. >> is that another way of saying he is not doing so well right now? >> sure. i think everybody i talk to agrees he's had two and a half very tough weeks. and i do agree. i think they started with the clinton speech and then they got compounded by all of the stuff that happened. on the other hand, where i think i would disagree and go back to my partisan roots is clinton really described a terrific obama if only he existed. >> right. >> but the truth
? will romney be over the ropes for taxes, bill obama be bum rushed for specifics. will jim lair send them to certain corners. after some debate of our own, we compiled our own list of what to watch. wasn't easy. here's a glimpse into the editorial brainstorm. >> the president has a double-edged sword being the president, because he's got a lot of command of detail, he understands policies, but the expectations are also high and he can come across as a little too arrogant. >> i vote for hates romney as a weakness for obama. to the strength of the president, he knows everything and he's been there and done that for three and a half years, so you can't stump them. >> toure says the president knows everything. romney's clear weakness is awkward and gaffe-prone. >> when he strays off the script and the stuff he knows to talk about, he's likely to see the $10,000 thing. >> i'm happy with gaffe-prone. i don't think he's slow on his feet at all. >> i would say questional improvization skills. >> he has the ability to communicate with a soft touch. he doesn't come across as brazen or jerky. >> i d
that long, that's all i'm saying. we're taking your calls all morning. fill the void left in my life by bill's absence at 866-55-press. we're talking about the debate, the campaign. the press to me seems to be saying that barack obama's locked it up. i'm surprised by this, because the media's addicted to one thing, ratings your only bias your american media has is towards ratings. i'm surprised when i see the media abandoning this horse race and saying barack obama is very close to the electoral votes. we want the to know what you think. mark you're up extremely early. you're on the bill press show. >> i'm an overnight security guard. >> right i've done it before, worked lots of overtime. welcome. >> i wanted to say real quick your commenting on the thing in fox news in california. >> and phoenix news. >> it's not really that unusual. there was a gentleman that i can't remember his name, but he called a press conference i believe in ohio. >> in the 1980's. >> bud dwyer. >> and he shot himself at the press conference. i would comment on that, that if it bleeds, it leads. >> in fairness, you d
-election of president obama? >> i make of it that any time the obama campaign is told by bill clinton that he's available, they put him out there. i think one of the things that came crystal clear when we were covering the democratic convention is that bill clinton is still the best politician of his generation and maybe even this generation. a lot of talk then about how he explained president obama's case a lot better than president obama. president obama very eloquent. he can give a great speech. but when you want to explain stuff, you want to talk to folks and have them get it. and win you on their side. there's no one like bill clinton. and when it's like all hands on deck, that's the biggest hand of all is to put bill clinton out there. and they will use him whenever he's available. >> whenever they can. good point, candy. by campaign accounts, romney and president obama, they doept know each other very well, obviously. we're told they've actually only met face-to-face three times over all of these years. so here's the question, what role will that play in tonight's 90-minute debate? >>
deputy press secretary bill burton, the co-founder of the pro-obama super pac priorities usa action. also joining us a top advocate for governor mitt romney, republican congressman jason chaffetz of utah. thanks very much, guys, for coming in. let me go through some quick questions, quick answers and get your thoughts off the top. bill, i'll start with you. what is mitt romney's biggest strength going into the debate tonight? >> well, i think the biggest strength is that he's up against a president who is in a tough economic climate. and i would say second is that he's the most rehearsed debate -- the most rehearsed candidate ever before a presidential debate. >> what is president obama's biggest strength, congressman? >> he's got that big smile. but other than that, look, he's a very charming person. there's reason why he became the president of the united states. but it's going to be a good debate. >> what are you worried about, bill, the most as far as president obama is concerned? >> well, as you know, i worked for president obama for a long time. and i love the guy. but he does have
's politics. just yterday at the clinton global itiative, both caidat appdhor president bill clinton. you often hear president obama talking about lincoln, mitt romney talking about ronald reagan, and now "newsweek" is out with a list of the ten best presidents since 1900. sir harold evans w is author offaus "the american century" has a tribute. it's a ploesh to have you here. >> thank you, madam. >> you gaekted together ten distinguished historians. what was the criteria? >> the cteriasha k o active presidents were they. it's very interesting. the historians, all -- every single one of them chose franklin roosevelt as number one. >> why? >> best predent since theodore roosevelt in the beginning of the century. if you ask tm why he did th asivnd effective, those two things. and he had a sense of america's ideal of itself. so they took those creria. they didn't know what the others were doing. they all voted a it's interesting the top three -- around the table and discussing this. >> no, no. it was all in isolation. they locked them in a room with an ice pack and 5,000 volumes of their own
the split is between president obama and mitt romney. but bill mcinturf the republican pollster was saying it's going to have to have some kind of jolt to make the race not as stable as it looks right now. >> thanks so much. you never know. >> remember poland and eastern europe and several of the other races that were decided by things that happen late in the race. thank you very much. >>> and to chris cizilla. joining me from denver, with an insider's perspective, the president's debate preparations, robert gibbs, senior adviser to the obama campaign and the president's former press secretary. you have been there, done that. you know this president. you know him as a candidate. what is going on behind the scenes today? >> well look, i know they're doing, you know, they're doing some prep, some mock debates, obviously, you know, the president's got a very busy day job that's taking him away from time to do this sort of thing and quite frankly it's been four years, you know, since he's been in this arena. so i know he's anxious and excited to get in front of the american people and talk spe
in congress. they never proposed an obama care bill, it was written in congress. dodd/frank was written in congress. i think the administration, the role of the executive is to send down a piece of legislation that is an anchor that doesn't let things go too far one way or the other. and i think their mistake in their first two years when they had overwhelming majorities was the administration never laid down an anchor. >> do you think they've learned from those mistakes? >> never in history has a second term been better than a first term. and i think that's important to keep in mind. >> whoa, whoa. clinton. >> well, president clinton's, remember the budget deal was signed in the first term. but the second term was dominated by impeachment. >> the tabloids would say the second term was much better. i'm sorry. you get into the stock picks when we come back, we're going to do that. we're going to have to go right to you. you ready? you got them? >> i'm ready. >> what do you got? one stock pick, two? >> lots of stocks all around the world. >> coming up, we're going to tell you what you sho
similarities between obama's health-care bill ann romney's health-care bill. can you give this a big similarity and a big difference? guest: the ann romney bill, mass. health reform -- the romney bill, mass. health insurance, and said we need to expand health insurance by making sure everybody has health insurance, and once that is in place, we will start looking at the cost of health care. the discussion came out because there is a theory that health- care costs are a two-headed beast. we have this enormously growing health-care industry, and costs are rising. people are living longer. the care that we get down is really expensive. mri machines, arthroscopes -- all of the other things that you expect when you go in with a headache, you want somebody to do a scan of your brain instead of just telling you to take two aspirin. so, there is a massive increase in health care cost that is eating up more and more of our government's budget. at the same time, there is a growing number of people that are uninsured. it could be one in the same. they could not afford the insurance because the health- car
. on twitter, they ask what are the differences or similarities between obama's health care bill and romney's health care big. give us a big similarity and a big difference. >> guest: okay. the romney bill, the massachusetts health reform said we need to expand access to care by making everybody have health insurance. once that's in place, then we'll start talking about the costs of health care. the discussion came up because there's a theory out there that health care costs is a two-headed beast. you've got this enormous and growing health care industry, and costs are rising, people are living longer. the -- the care that we get now is just really expensive to buy mri machines and all of the other things that, you know, you expect when you go with a headache, you want somebody to do a scan of your brain instead of just telling you to take two aspirins. there's this massive increase in health care costs. it's eating up more and more of our government's budget. at the same time, there's a agreeing number of people who are uninsured who -- it could be one in the same. they can't afford the in
, whether it was president obama talking about renegotiating nafta, or bill clinton, the butchers of beijing. forging a pretty strong relationship with china. i think you have to discount a lot of the rhetoric and a lot of what you hear about priorities at this point. probably conclude that when they do get an off -- into office that harold macmillan words will probably drive words more than anything else. that is events. if we get back to what you are saying, what will be the management style? what will be the ability based on history to respond to those events as they arise? >> bill, what leadership clues have you picked up? >> we have an incumbent president, so one would argue we know how he will be inclined to president, although some one could argue maybe not. president obama took over in a very unusual circumstance. wind at his back, but apparently failed administration and huge financial crisis. rahm emanuel to manage congress. then they end up differing to congress. then president obama had a very different circumstance to face. it may be he wins. hard to know what the congressional
filling in for bill this morning. we'll be covering the big barack obama/mitt romney debate tomorrow night on current tv. we know you have many options of places to go for your debate coverage. let me encourage you to try out current tv's coverage because not only will we have al gore leading the coverage. we'll also have governor jennifer granholm star, in my opinion of the democratic convention -- i thought she had the best speech. what did you think? >> hands down! >> john: bill clinton was an appetizer. granholm owned it. we'll have governor eliot spitzer what for my money is leading a master class on wall street and corporate crime on his show, "viewpoint." cenk uygur of "the young turks." i'll be there. your tweets as well. it won't be as huge and expansive a tweet screen filling up the entire frame but your tweets will be on screen throughout the debate. while we comment over the candidates, you will be able to see your comments. i will be tweeting for current tv from their twitter handle during th
about that bill. that is something the obama administration has not embraced. that is a b bipartisan bill. john boehner is not a fan of that bill but mitt romney will have to tuck more about that to goes the gap in ohio. arthel: we'll be watching. it's an exciting race to say the least and weep it here on the fox news channel for all your details all the way up to november 6th and beyond. thank you, bob. jon: remembering andy williams, we'll look back at life and career of a singer who brought us some unforgettable music, hits like "moon river," "can't get used to losing you." as arthel just mentioned president obama and governor mitt romney both in the battleground state of ohio today. the president we're told is prepared to launch attacks against his opponent over china so, what is that all about? we'll get into it ahead. arthel: right now new information on crime stories we are keeping an eye out for you. a jamaican man accused of murdering a south carolina couple at their vacation home. the 28-year-old security tpard is charged with fatally stabbing michael and tell ma king at th
past, whether it was president obama talking about renegotiating nafta during his campaign, or wasn't to be. bill clinton butchers of beijing. he ends up forging a pretty strong relationship with china. so i think you have to discount a lot of the rhetoric and a lot of what you hear about, about priorities at this point. and probably conclude that when they do get in office that the harold macmillan words will probably drive things more than anything else. and that's defense, my dear boy, events. and then we get back to what you are saying. what will be their management style? what will be their ability a stunt history to respond to those events as they arise. spoonbill, what leadership is have you picked up? >> i think we have an incumbent president so presumably we know how he will be inclined to cover but i suppose one could argue that maybe not becoming, obama took over and over nine in a very unusual circumstance, huge majority in both houses, wind at his back but also apparently failed administration, huge financial crisis. he did various things we could second guess them or n
this thought the other day with the debates coming up. i can't remember a single thing that bill clinton said or did in the 1996 debates against bob dole. and i think that that is exactly what barack obama's goal is over the next few weeks. >> and you know, joe, the thing that's so fascinating is that we've ended up, because both candidates have not put forward very specific agendas, we're ending up having an election that's a referendum on bill clinton's time and george w. bush's time. and most people think back to the clinton era as being a better period of time as the bush era. so barack obama's winning that debate by proxy because he's associated himself with the policies of bill clinton and with the person of bill clinton. >> i think we've got to start thinking for real about the probability of a clinton monument on the mall. i mean, you know, who would have thunk it? >> didn't he just say that he could run in ireland, and he could also run in france. >> he could run in france because he was born in louisiana. >> that's a true statement. >> ireland's a better fit for him, though, i think
's got to hurt obama and help himself. >> president obama has to make the case how he's going to help americans in the next four years. we haven't heard the specifics of his plan in terms of economic growth and getting jobs created. >> bill clinton may have given the most effective speep so far, but that's contingent on giving the president four more years. saying you can't fix this in four years. we'll see if the president can build on that tonight. >> now let's turn it over to jim lehrer for presidential debate number one. beginning in seconds. >>> on the university of denver in denver, california. i'm jim lehrer of the pbs news hour. i welcome you to the first of the 2012 presidential debates between president barack obama the democratic nominee and former massachusetts governor mitt romney the republican nominee. this debate and the next three, two presidential, one vice presidential, are sponsored by the commission on presidential debates. tonight's 90 minutes will be about domestic issues. and will follow a format designed by the commission. there will be six, roughly 15-minute
to including bill clinton obviously who took military action in kosovo in that case without a u.n. security council mandate and, barack obama ran and says repeatedly that he does not consider the united states bound by to pursue its interests bound by u.n. security council resolutions. merge has i would say am by lept attitude toward international law. we are in some respects the greatest spokesman sometimes for international law but throughout our history and throughout the cold war and even from the fact that we founded the united nations we have been, among the most persistent ignorers of international law at the same time. so you know, it's always this, and partly because we have this exceptional view that the laws are right for everybody but they're not always right for us because we have a special role to play in the world. >> is it serially bad thing that is damaging to our status and credibility in the international community? >> well, it seems to me if you tried to say it in one sentence what the u.s. goal ought to be, it ought to be to create a world order that we would like, if w
with an advantage. >> here's what the obama campaign spokeswoman said yesterday, i will just take this opportunity to say that mitt romney has been preparing earlier and with morphocuss than any presidential candidate in modern history, not john f. kennedy, not president bill clinton, president george bush not ronald reagan has prepared as much as he has so no question he will have a lead on how prepared he is. you would seeing that think president obama has never navigated a single successful debate. aren't they lowering the bar. you lower expectations so if anybody does pretty well, you win the game, you win the debate? >> the facts are the facts. what we remember from the republican nominating process, as much as i didn't want to watch them, i found myself watching them because i was amazed at the things going on. one after another, romney did seem to win and declared the winner by most of the pundits. in the end, it's about both of them going out there and doing the best they can. >> it's also how people perceive it as well. if you look at a cnn roc poll that talks about who's more likely to w
's in the same room, but it's not technically a meeting. hugh confessed that sometimes the bills move too fast, and the 72-hour/three-day rule, whichever you prefer, is meant to kind of stop that happening because that's politicians being politicians. and the, um, president obama sunlight before signing was a parallel promise. he's just at 66% compliance with the pledge to put bills online for five days having received them from congress before he signs them. and it's, roughly speaking, the bills to rename post offices get five days of sunlight -- [laughter] and the bills to spend huge sums of money or to change around the organization of our health care system, i'm not sure if that one did or not. but generally speaking, the more important legislation moves fast and doesn't get sunlight before signing, because a deal's been struck, and it's a very sensitive deal, and if we have to wait two, three days, the deal would be broken up by all the interests who care about it. that's congress saying we've got these decisions, you don't have them public. one of the reasons i like transparency is ideol
no drama obama because of that cool style. what about mitt romney, though? bill o'reilly offering up his advice this morning on fox and friends. take a listen. >> what romney should be doing right now is watching ronald reagan take apart jimmy carter. now, with this caveat; president obama much quicker than jimmy carter, much. however, the way reagan did it was authoritative but kind of folksy. you've got to take the edge off a little bit -- >> no. >> but you've got to be a little bold and fresh out there. but you've got to do it with more of a twinkle in your eye. if he shows malice, he'll lose. jenna: we'll see what our next guest thinks about that. it's one of governor romney's former debate coaches, brett o'donnell. he's the president of donnell and associates. in addition to coaching governor romney, he's worked with john mccain and president george w. bush. nice to have you on the program. >> good to be with you. jenna: for some of our viewers, how does one become an expert debate coach? did you start out on the debate team in high school? how did you become a coach? >> well, you k
:00 eastern time. >>> it is being called president obama's other race speech. problem is, only certain right wingers are the ones calling it that and billing it as news. even though it is old. really, really old. so is this red meat? or political advantage? that's next. something this delicious could only come from nature. now from the maker of splenda sweeteners, discover nectresse. the only 100% natural, no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. the rich, sweet taste of sugar. nothing artificial. ♪ it's all that sweet ever needs to be. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. >>> chances are you have probably seen this video making the roundtoday, it is featured on several conservative blogs and media outlets, this video here from 2007, from the speech by then senator and presidential candidate barack obama. the daily collar dug up a full video of the speech, posting it online, calling it an exclusive, calling it obama's other race speech. joe johns, let me go to you there in washington. joe, to be crystal clear, there is absolutely nothing new about this speech, it is five years
, but it is not technically meeting. you would confess that sometimes the bills move too fast. the 72 hours / three day rule, whichever you prefer, is meant to kind of stop that happening because that is politicians being politicians. and president obama sunlight before signing was a parallel promise that i have been tracking since the beginning. just at 66 percent compliance with the pledge to put bills online for five days and receive them from congress before resize and. and it is roughly speaking the bills to rename post offices get five days of sunlight and the bills to spend huge sums of money towards the change around the organization of our health care system, i'm not sure if that one did not. but in generally speaking, the more important legislation moves fast, it does not get sunlight before signing because the deal has been struck and it is a very sensitive deal and if we have to wait two, three days the deal could be broken up by all of the interests who care about it. that is congress saying, we have these decisions. you don't have them, public. one of the reasons i like transparency is ideolog
. lucy liu place sherlock holmes companion in the new barack obama gentleman called "elementary." we remember her from "charlie's angels," "kill bill," "ally mcbeal" and more recently "southland." have you and peter greenberg bonded this morning? every time we looked over there -- what was he talk towing about? >> he told all of us we were losing before 9:00 because he asked how we booked our flights. we use a computer. that's not a smart move. losers do that. losers. we were talking about that. >> nice to see you peter. >> nice to see you also. >> talk about a show not a loser, people are excited about that and we love that dr. watson is a woman. >> yes. >> it's very exciting to be a part of something like this. i think that cbs has been really behind it and people have been excited about it. we've had a lot of people who have been a little suspicious of watson being a woman. if you have a perspective and been following the literature and all that it's completely understandable. but i do think some people might be i want to. nice to have a modern version of that. >> it debuts tonigh
in praising bill clinton at the former president's global conference on global giving. romney joked about the clinton bounce in obama's polls after the democratic convention. >> if there's one thing we've learned in this election season, by the way, it's that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. all i have to do is wait for that bounce to happen in a couple of minutes days. >> your very kind introduction, i have to admit i really did like the speech a few weeks ago a little bit better. >> reporter: a couple of new polls, by the way, out this morning in the "new york times". just to show you how much of an uphill battle it is for mitt romney. he trails by ten points in the "times" poll, and he trails in florida by nine, savannah. >> chuck todd at the white house for us this morning. thank you. >>> 12 minutes after the hour. once again here's matt. >> savannah, thanks. >>> now the investigation into the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. nbc's ann curry sat down with libya's new president last night for
different job market. bill clinton's line back in 1992 is that if you work hard and play by the rules, you should expect to be in the american middle class. obama has repeated it. i just do not think that is no longer applicable. you have to work harder, study harder, learn faster, and maybe reinvent the rules. this is because we are in a very different work environment where technology is making all their jobs outdated faster and wonderfully spinning of the new jobs but they require more education. i just think that if we're going to -- by the way, i think america has a huge advantage in this world. the world will really be divided between high imagination and low imagination countries. we have the highest imagination- enabling country. if you just have the spark of an idea of, they will get you cheap chinese manufacturing. jeff ebzos will do your delivery. craigslist for your accountant. there's no country who does this matter. the problem with this is that in the days when ford will come to your town with a 25,000 person factory is over. it is now 2500 people and a robot. in that world,
in congress but also across the land about what's going on. it's a nice touch-tone, read the bill is part of a broader push that all these efforts are a part of. i think when i look at the history of the issue, it goes back to the election of the president obama and the real energy he brought on the campaign trail in 2008 to the question of transparency and the kind of government i think we all envision. from my perspective by about 2010, that energy had kind of dissipated and a lot of efforts have gone toward a lot of things and we were not seeing that sort of dramatic transformation that a lot of us could visualize. we could imagine knowing what the power of data is but it wasn't happening very much. that caused me to do some work that i will describe here that resulted in some grades that i talked about. grading is a cruel art but sometimes it's a necessary art to communicate things. what i did was i looked at the problem of sort of lacking transparency efforts around 2010. it looked to me like maybe the transparency community hadn't communicated well enough to the government decide wh
that affirmative action bill and the civil rights bill? from what i'm seeing right now, it seems like it's just this backlash against the white community like obama has a war against white heritage of something. i don't understand it. >> host: gary johnson. >> guest: well, we should not discriminate, and i think government policies in the past have gotten us to a point where i really don't see that discrimination. so, i'm going to sign on to legislation repealing affirmative action because i think we have moved beyond that. but i'll just offer up a prediction again. obama, romney, we're going find ourselves with a heightened police state, find ourselves with continued military interventions that are going to result? we bomb iran, we're going to find ourselves with 100 million enemies to this country we wouldn't have otherwise had, and this unsustainable debt and spending, the day is sooner than later, and we all recognize that we have to address it, and yet we're arguing over who is going to spend more money on medicare when we should have an absolute raging debate and discussion over how we ha
to the game. you reduce u.s.a. action, which is the sub 10 supporting barack obama was late to foreign and late to get started. and late to raise money, more importantly. it was started by john sweeney and bill burton, who would come out of the white house. sean, who has served as chief of staff to rahm emanuel, the single worst title, chief of staff, chief of staff. and did a great job. and the two of them had left the white house to start his superpac and begin the process of trying to help barack obama get reelected. and it started out slow. the way to raise money is to go to donors that are interesting in helping the president, who were shot at interest in trying to help the president. and it's a very different fundraising strategy. it is for a lot of them you think about barack obama and the power of his campaign in 2008. what we know is how much of that is fueled by little donations, by people in this terms spending $5 or $3 or whatever it is in the ucs and the small donors. well come you can't do that. you are serta spending your time trying to go out and raise six figures, seve
the convention which is bill clinton lineback in 1990 if you work hard and play by the rules you should expect to be in the american middle class. it's basically what he's been saying. obama repeated it. and i just don't think that's na. i don't think it's political. you have work harder, study harder, learn and relearn faster and reinvent the rule naps is because we are in a very different work environment technology is making older jobs outdate faster and spin off new jobs. and they each one requires more education. and i just think if we're going it i think america is a huge advantage in the world. because the i think the world is going to be divided going forward between high imagination and enabling countries and low imagination enabling country. rethe highest imagination enabling country in the world. if you have spark of an idea you can go to delta in taiwan they'll design it. they'll get you a cheap chinese manufacture. amazon will gift wrap it for christmas. free lancer get the logo. they are commodities except this. that's no country that does better. the problem with this though, th
. ic one of the important points that governor romney is going to make is president obama has failed on the issue of immigration reform. he promised to offer more comprehensive, wholesale change on immigration reform, it was going to be his first bill, he hasn't done that. and i think as a result, many americans are not happy with the lack of progress on that issue. and on the particular issue of those waivers, governor romney has said that those that have acquired the waivers, that he would allow those waivers to stand. but what he would do, which would be much more important, i think for solving the overall problem is modernize our immigration system so we can allow immigration, so many of the people can see ways where they can move on a path towards citizenship and they can help grow our economy and secure ore border. those are going to be very big differences. i think many people are rightly upset that president obama failed on this issue and i think he even said it was one of his greatest failures. there have been so many economic failure failures, the failure to create jobs or
important some years and being not so important others. the 1996 debate between bob dole and bill clinton. quick, name a defining moment. but i do think there is an opportunity here for mitt romney. his challenge is not so much to make a case against president obama over the last four years. there's no question voters are ambivalent about the performance. he's got to make a case that he can make the next four years better. we have a poll out, national journal poll. are you better off? are you worse off? or about the same as four years ago. among the about the same folks, people who don't say they see any improvement over obama the president is still leading by over 20 points. that is what romney has to change. >> i want to share something "the new york times" says. the romney team has been included the debates are about moments and have equipped him with a dear riis of zingers he has memorized and been practicing on aides since august. we've got some here that we want to share. >> there you go again. i want you to know that also, i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not goi
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